Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Hey! Xiaozheng is copying me! Argh! Now he also have a music chart... darn... My blog is dead for a very looooooooonnng time. Partly due to my fualt... cos i'm too lazy... but also it's my internet connection.... sometimes i can only log on to the net for like 5 mins then it will tell me that my conneciton is dead. Sux! That means I cannot update my blog.... well after some pressure from Qixin and Ben I finally decided to retrun with my blog... not that many would read it... but oh well. Here's my latest chart... It's been so long since I last updated it on the blog... sorrie for those that did keep track of my chart... (not that anyone of I knew of did...)

Jonah's Weekly Top 15 2nd July 2001

Artiste Name
1. Sum 41 -- Fat Lip
2. Cake -- Short Skirt/Long Jacket
3. Wheatus -- A Little Respect
4. Fenix Tx -- Threesome
5. Alien Ant Farm -- Smooth Criminal
6. Stone Temple Pilots -- Days of the Week
7. Fuel -- Bad Day
8. Jimmy Eat World -- Bleed American
9. Papa Roach -- Between Insects and Angels
10. Ours -- Sometimes
11. Our Lady Peace -- Life
12. Tool -- Schism
13. Blink 182 -- The Rock Show
14 The Cult -- Rise
15. Seven Mary Three -- Wait

BONUS! For those of you out there who cannot seem to download songs from Napster, I can give you some tips on downloading the songs... not that I'm much of an expert... but hey I will be glad to help. All songs listed here are downloadable from Napster or