Saturday, June 02, 2001

lately i havent been coming to edit my blog. Sigh. Magix sucks. Should have got scv earlier.

Loved the reviews for survivor. This is also partly the reason that i couldn't put it entrys. too busy with survivor. Sigh dunno what's wrong with me. Mrs. Yeo had said my compos sucked. She disliked the style, and told me that she is the representation of Cambridge Syndicate. Damn. Gonna fail my O's then. Perhaps the compos are a representation of myself. Sigh. Doesn't say much good abt me then.

Argh feeling low dunno why dun ask me why dunno wat to do abt it. Help me someone? Anyone? Am looking for the perfect person who could fill the position to cheer me up and like care what my feelings are, bcos my parents dun give a damn abt it. Sigh. So i turn to music. But they complain abt music i listen to. What the heck? Cant i even listen to music i like? sheesh! so wat if those songs are abt drugs, suicides and murder? cant i have my personal preference. and do they even get the message ARGHHHH!

Monday, May 28, 2001

Geez... sorrie ppl, that i'm late by one day with my music chart.

Jonah's Weekly Top 15 28th May 2001

Artiste Name
1. Sum 41 -- Fat Lip
2. Papa Roach -- Between Angels and Insects
3. Blink 182 -- The Rock Show
4. Our Lady Peace -- Life
5. Linkin Park -- Papercut
6. Lifehouse -- Sick Cycle Carousel
7. Dave Navarro -- Rexall
8. The Cult -- Rise
9. Seven Mary Three -- Wait
10. Eve 6 -- Here's to tonight
11. Powderfinger -- My Happiness
12. Scapegoat Wax -- Aisle 10
13. Poe -- Hey Pretty
14. Coldplay -- Shiver
15. Linkin Park -- Crawling