Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Hey! Xiaozheng is copying me! Argh! Now he also have a music chart... darn... My blog is dead for a very looooooooonnng time. Partly due to my fualt... cos i'm too lazy... but also it's my internet connection.... sometimes i can only log on to the net for like 5 mins then it will tell me that my conneciton is dead. Sux! That means I cannot update my blog.... well after some pressure from Qixin and Ben I finally decided to retrun with my blog... not that many would read it... but oh well. Here's my latest chart... It's been so long since I last updated it on the blog... sorrie for those that did keep track of my chart... (not that anyone of I knew of did...)

Jonah's Weekly Top 15 2nd July 2001

Artiste Name
1. Sum 41 -- Fat Lip
2. Cake -- Short Skirt/Long Jacket
3. Wheatus -- A Little Respect
4. Fenix Tx -- Threesome
5. Alien Ant Farm -- Smooth Criminal
6. Stone Temple Pilots -- Days of the Week
7. Fuel -- Bad Day
8. Jimmy Eat World -- Bleed American
9. Papa Roach -- Between Insects and Angels
10. Ours -- Sometimes
11. Our Lady Peace -- Life
12. Tool -- Schism
13. Blink 182 -- The Rock Show
14 The Cult -- Rise
15. Seven Mary Three -- Wait

BONUS! For those of you out there who cannot seem to download songs from Napster, I can give you some tips on downloading the songs... not that I'm much of an expert... but hey I will be glad to help. All songs listed here are downloadable from Napster or

Monday, June 04, 2001

Jonah's Weekly Top 15 4th June 2001

Artiste Name
1. Sum 41 -- Fat Lip
2. The Cult-- Rise
3. Our Lady Peace -- Life
4. Dave Navarro -- Rexall
5. Seven Mary Three -- Wait
6. Prime STH -- I'm Stupid
7. Alien Ant Farm -- Smooth Criminals
8. Papa Roach -- Between Angels and Insects
9. Lifehouse -- Sick Cycle Carousel
10. Blink 182 -- The Rock Show
11. Linkin Park -- Papercut
12. LIT -- My Own Worst Enemy
13. Eve 6 -- Here's to Tonight
14. Poe --Hey Pretty
15. Coldplay -- Shiver

Sunday, June 03, 2001

Wanted to put Linkin Park's Crawling, but noticed David had it. Nvr mind. This song is nice. Sums up what i'm feeling right now.

I just can't seem to concentrate today
It seems my mind is wandering away,
And all things swimmming through my head,
Fade away as I go back to bed.
And see how fast time flies
'Cause sunrise comes too soon
I'm never out of bed before noon
Waking up too late seems too soon
And I could never be Neil Armstrong
I'd be the last man on the moon.

I used to live in a world of black and white
Until my dreams turned day into night.
And now i'm never out of bed before noon
Waking up too late seems too soon
I close my eyes
And wait for the surprise in a place
I know I belong in my head
I can do no wrong
I could never be Neil Armstrong
I'd be the last man on the moon.

SR-71 "Last man on the moon"

Saturday, June 02, 2001

lately i havent been coming to edit my blog. Sigh. Magix sucks. Should have got scv earlier.

Loved the reviews for survivor. This is also partly the reason that i couldn't put it entrys. too busy with survivor. Sigh dunno what's wrong with me. Mrs. Yeo had said my compos sucked. She disliked the style, and told me that she is the representation of Cambridge Syndicate. Damn. Gonna fail my O's then. Perhaps the compos are a representation of myself. Sigh. Doesn't say much good abt me then.

Argh feeling low dunno why dun ask me why dunno wat to do abt it. Help me someone? Anyone? Am looking for the perfect person who could fill the position to cheer me up and like care what my feelings are, bcos my parents dun give a damn abt it. Sigh. So i turn to music. But they complain abt music i listen to. What the heck? Cant i even listen to music i like? sheesh! so wat if those songs are abt drugs, suicides and murder? cant i have my personal preference. and do they even get the message ARGHHHH!

Monday, May 28, 2001

Geez... sorrie ppl, that i'm late by one day with my music chart.

Jonah's Weekly Top 15 28th May 2001

Artiste Name
1. Sum 41 -- Fat Lip
2. Papa Roach -- Between Angels and Insects
3. Blink 182 -- The Rock Show
4. Our Lady Peace -- Life
5. Linkin Park -- Papercut
6. Lifehouse -- Sick Cycle Carousel
7. Dave Navarro -- Rexall
8. The Cult -- Rise
9. Seven Mary Three -- Wait
10. Eve 6 -- Here's to tonight
11. Powderfinger -- My Happiness
12. Scapegoat Wax -- Aisle 10
13. Poe -- Hey Pretty
14. Coldplay -- Shiver
15. Linkin Park -- Crawling

Saturday, May 26, 2001

Hiya all...

Finally the school term is over. Sigh. But the holidays isn't really peachy too. This sux. No time for doing other things other than study and goto school. Well at least i have more time to myself...

Funny thing that rings in my mind all the time. Why does almost everyone think that I, have a taste for strange music? They think i listen to heavy metal and industrial rock. Death metal. U noe wat i mean. Why does everyone think i listen to them? Is it just me? The way i look? my character? my way of conducting myself? wat is it? Wierd!

I listen to modern rock, mainstream rock and punk rock. Ppl look at me like a freak when i tell them i listen to these stuff (well, maybe i m) they ask me why i don't listen to pop and RnB. All those soppy and honey-coated stuff makes my hair stand on its ends. i think modern pop is too shallow. Everything is about love, love, sex, sex, love and love. Nuthing else. Kinda sad, to see so much misguided individuals so hooked on all this shallow stuff.

Bono (U2 frontman) once said, " Pop tells u that everything is all right. Rock tells u it's not, but it also tells u the way out." All they care is their good looks, their dance moves, their digitalised vocals, their music that's kinda crappy, their lyrics which, as mentioned above, love and sex. That sux. The Bee Gees wrote a song, "Sacred Trust" which is about friendship for The Backstreet Boys for their album, Black and Blue, but was rejected by their producers because they thought it was too deep and not fitting with the theme of the album, which i think was love and sex. Sux rite?

Aniwaes, to fill up space in my blog i will be presenting a top 15 list of my favourite singles every monday. hope u all like it. Or hate it. I dunt really care...

Monday, May 21, 2001

Feeling damn depressed right now. All that rush of tests, AngLC's-those-days-of-the-months, my own problems... argh. It's a bit too much to take, but hey, who gives a damn about me anyway? No one. I'm stuck with all these and to handle them on my own. Which isn't too good.

I guess no one here reads this anyway, well it's ok. Some how, some way, I will either survive, or die. So hard to choose...

Having a blog is a nice way to let it all out. Glad I found it. Hope someone shares the same views as I do. Feelingn too jaded to write anymore... seeya soon